Mexican Whitewater guidebook ordering information (SierraRios)
International ordering Information for Mexican Whitewater: Norte

At this time, the book is only available if you sign up for membership of SierraRios (book + DVD + maps). International shipping charges (outside of the USA and Mexico) are $14 instead of $4, so you will be charged $45 instead of $35. Payment can be made via PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

$45.00 charge from your checking account or credit card (PayPal)

SIERRARIOS MEMBERSHIP: By joining SierraRios as a member ($35/year) you will help support river conservation goals in Mexico and Latin America. In addition, with each $35 contribution you will receive:

1) A copy of one guidebook covering part of Latin America - currently "Mexican Whitewater: Norte". Membership dues include shipping and tax within the USA or Mexico ($10 extra shipping charges will apply elsewhere; click here). Three additional guidebooks will be available to Mexico: Occidental, Oriental, Sur. A fifth will cover the Maya area.

2) A DVD showing descents of various rivers in the area covered by the guidebook ordered. Currently, this is 1 hr of edited videos to the Copper Canyon region (see DVD image).

3) Access to annotated topographic maps of the rivers in the region covered by the guidebook received (currently, the Copper Canyon region). These maps are ideal to print out and bring along on the trips. [example map (Tomochi)]

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