SierraRios: What to Pack on trips


You will need to pack appropriately for spending an extended time out in the wilderness. Although it will generally be quite warm on most SierraRios trips, it can get cool at nights and during thunderstorms. Come prepared. Look at the climate chart for the river you're doing and figure out what you'll need. Sometimes river water is fairly cold. Other times it's quite pleasant (and even gets to 80oF on the Usumacinta March-April-May). The list below shows what you should pack.

The standard SierraRios rates do not include personal camping gear or paddling gear. These items are listed below and can be rented (see RENTALs). On full-service trips these items will be included in the cost of the trip.

River items to bring:
-Shorts+shirt or swimsuit
-Water shoes (preferably amphibious type to wear on the river and hiking)
-Hat and sunglasses (with retainer)
-Water bottle (preferably with a carabiner to clip onto a raft)
-Sunscreen, lip balm

Camp items to bring:
-Sleeping bag (although we will provide one, consider bringing your own - on most trips a 40oF-50oF bag is fine)
-Basic clothing (t-shirt, shorts, light pants, light long-sleeve shirt, fleece/sweater, underwear)
-Camp shoes (these can be the same as your river shoes or a different dry shoe)
-Headlamp (plus extra set of batteries)
-Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lotions, etc)
-Special medicines (anti-fungal cream, anti-cold, antibiotics, anti-malarials)
-Lighter/matches (remember to check it if flying)
-Pocket-knife (remember to check it if flying)
-Reading material/journal
-Bug repellent (very important for comfortable hanging-out in camp on some trips)

Rentable camping and paddling items to bring (these items can be rented: see RENTALs):
-Tent (a 2-person tent can be used by an individual)
-Chair (Helinox or Crazy Creek if you don't have a Therm-a-rest)
-Sleeping bag (consider using your fleece or other packed clothes as a pillow)
-Therm-a-rest (chair and bed)
-Drybag (such as Bill's 2.2 DryBag or the NRS Duffel)
-PFD (Personal Flotation Device or "life jacket") - must be type III or type V

-Helmet (paddling type - WRSI may the best and most comfortable)
-Sprayskirt (if kayaking)
-Paddle jacket (several are available to rent if you don’t have)
-Personal safety gear (if you are in charge of a raft or kayak, consider a throwbag/biner/pully, tow line, or flip line)