Did you read the Copper Canyon article in American Whitewater?

First, I'm sorry to say that the legends to the pictures are mistaken. The first picture is of Cusarare Falls, not Divisadero (somehow the legends for the pictures I submitted got mixed up). The second picture is Arroyo San Ignacio Falls. Check out these slideshows for better views and correct legends: Slideshow: Rio Urique1 (Umira-Divisadero) and Slideshow: Rio Urique2 (Divisadero-RioFuerte))

Second, I would appreciate any comments you may have on the article (contact). I know it was pretty long, but am curious if you liked it, have been to the area, or anything else related to it, and if you might be interested in a guidebook to the area.

Third, I'd also like to mention another article that came out in the Mar/Apr 2006 issue of American Whitewater about a 10 day, 330-mile trip down Rios Tomochic-Sirupa-Aros-Yaqui that I did the same season. Download pdf here. See a slideshow of this trip (Slideshows).

I'll be doing more exploratory descents in the region from July30-Aug26 (see Rio List), so I will have only intermittent e-mail access at that time. Don't be put off if you don't get an e-mail back from me right away.

I'm always looking for quality intrepid boaters to explore the remaining rios in Mexico, so if you're interested, let me know.

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