James "Rocky" Contos: CV

5071 Constitution Rd.
San Diego, CA 92117


9/93 - 9/99 Ph.D. Neuroscience (advisor: Dr. Jerold Chun)
University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA

9/89 - 12/92 B.S. Biochemistry (emphasis Plant Science)
University of California, Davis Davis, CA


9/08- Director: SierraRios (San Diego, CA) [www.sierrarios.org]
As founder and director of this nonprofit, I have worked toward the overall objective of protection and conservation of free-flowing rivers in Mexico. My strategy has been to first increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of river resources. To this end, I have explored ~200 rivers in Mexico, developed a website, written and published a guidebook, and guided many raft-support trips in the region.

2/03-6/08 Research Associate: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr. (Seattle, WA)
In the lab of Dr. Linda Buck, I designed and directed projects to characterize the neural circuitry of the mammalian olfactory and sex hormone systems. I oversaw technicians, worked with teams of individuals to solve various problems encountered in the projects, and garnered my own funding from the NIH.

9/99-7/02 Research Associate: Dept. of Pharmacology, UCSD (La Jolla, CA)
In the lab of Dr. Jerold Chun, I generated lysophospholipid receptor-deficient mice and characterized the gene deletion effects on cerebral cortex development, olfaction, reproduction, wound healing, and signal transduction. I published 22 articles on this topic, and was awarded a highly competitive 3-year NRSA grant from the National Institutes of Health to pursue this research.

9/93-06/95 Guide: Outback Adventures, UCSD (La Jolla, CA).
I instructed kayak techniques such as the Eskimo roll in pool sessions and guided up to 6-day canoe and sea kayak trips in California and Baja California.


4/04-3/07 NIDCD Postdoctoral Fellowship (NRSA; F32)
2/03-3/04 HHMI Research Associate
10/96-10/99 NIMH Predoctoral Fellowship (NRSA)
9/95 - 9/96 Neuroplasticity of Aging Training Grant
9/93 - 9/95 Lucille P. Markey Fellowship
1993 Departmental Citation at graduation: Biochemistry
1993 Summa Cum Laude at graduation, GPA 3.82
1992 - 1993 President's Undergraduate Fellowship
1991 NSF Grant - student research assistant
1989 - 1992 Chancellor's scholar
1989, 1991 Edward and Mary Court Memorial Scholarship
1989, 1991 Jastro Memorial Scholarship
1989 Anacomp Scholarship
1989 California Garden Club Mercedes T. Murner Scholarship
1989 Men's Garden Club of Santa Rosa Scholarship


2/03-6/08 Postdoctoral Research: Neuroscience/Molecular Genetics
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, WA)
Advisor: Dr. Linda Buck
Aim: To trace the neural circuitry in the mammalian olfactory & GnRH systems using genetically encoded lectins coexpressed with neuronal populations.

9/99-7/02 Postdoctoral Research: Neuroscience/Molecular Genetics
Dept. of Pharmacology, UCSD (La Jolla, CA)
Advisor: Dr. Jerold Chun
Aim: To characterize lysophospholipid receptor deficient mice: signal transduction and olfactory, cerebral cortical, reproductive, & other effects.

1/95-9/99 Thesis Research: Neuroscience/Molecular Genetics
Neurosciences Graduate Program, UCSD (La Jolla, CA)
Advisor: Dr. Jerold Chun
Aim: To characterize and define the role of lysophospholipid receptors in mice - accomplished by heterologous cell assays, gene characterization and expression analysis, and creating/analyzing targeted mouse mutants.

5/92 - 8/93 Research assistant: Plant Molecular Biology
Dept. of Pomology, UC Davis (Davis, CA)
Advisor: Dr. Roger Romani
Aim: To define the role of DNA methylation in tomato polygalacturonase gene transcription.

10/90 - 8/93 Research assistant: Plant Biochemistry
Dept. of Pomology, UC Davis (Davis, CA)
Advisor: Dr. John Labavitch
Aim: To characterize fungal polygalacturonase inhibiting proteins in tomato.

1/91-3/91 Internship: Organic Synthesis
Dept. of Chemistry, UC Davis (Davis, CA).
Advisor: Dr. Michael Nantz
Aim: To use Diels-Alder chemistry to synthesize novel organic compounds.


1/05 - 3/05 Co-Instructor: Controversies in Biology (Biol485A: Univ. Washington)
Explored genetically modified crops, stem cells, cloning, genetic testing.

6/04 – 8/04 Future Faculty Fellows Program (HHMI, Univ. Washington)
Seminars on topics for university tenure-track bound postdoctoral fellows.

7/04 – 8/04 Supervised summer FHCRC student: Camille Inducil
Mentored student in heterologous expression assays for ORs/VRs.

1/02 - 5/02 Preparing Professional Faculty Series (UCSD)
Seminars on topics for tenure-track bound students/postdocs.

1/01 - 5/01 Supervised 199 student: Matthew McCreight
Taught and mentored student in PCR, cloning, and genotyping of mice.

8/98 - 8/99 Supervised 199 student: John Brannen
Taught and mentored student in sequencing, plasmid preparation, and PCR.

4/97 - 6/97 Teaching assistant: Regulation of Gene Activity (UCSD: BIMM 112)

9/96 - 12/96 Teaching assistant: Structural Biochemistry (UCSD: BIBC 100)

8/96 - 9/96 Teaching assistant: Cellular Neurobiology (UCSD: BIPN 140)

4/96 - 6/96 Teaching assistant: Cell Biology (UCSD: BICD 110)

1/96 - 4/96 Teaching assistant: General Chemistry Lab (UCSD: CHEM 6BL)

3/93 - 6/93 Teaching assistant: Biochemistry Lab (UC Davis: BCP 101L)

4/92 - 6/93 Exam grader: General Biochemistry (UC Davis: BCP 101A, 101B)


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Contos, Rocky (2010) Mexican Whitewater: Norte [A Guide to the Rivers of the Copper Canyon Region]. 334 pages. Published by SierraRios, July 2010.

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Jerold Chun, MD, PhD (PhD/postdoc advisor); Professor of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute; (858) 784-8410; jchun@scripps.edu

Tom Diegel (Member of SierraRios Board of Directors); Owner of Modaliti (a recreation design company), Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 230-8010; tomd@modaliti.com

Michael Petrascheck, Ph.D. (Peer at FHCRC); Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute; (858) 784-7463; pscheck@scripps.edu

A few articles have been written about me:

American Whitewater (2007)

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Canoe & Kayak (2011)

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