Credit policy [SierraRios LLC]

If you have a credit with SierraRios LLC that can be applied toward a trip, such credits do not last forever. Our policy is that you have 1 full year (365 days) after a credit is issued to use the full credit toward the cost of another trip.  The trip you are depositing for can be any trip listed on the webpage or one that you plan for a private group anytime in the future.   After 1 full year has elapsed, the credit will decrease by 20%, and continue to decrease another 20% each subsequent year so that by 5 years after the credit is issued, there will be no credit remaining.  Credits are not transferable to others.     

Credit issue date is considered the date you informed us of cancelling a trip (and otherwise, when the trip launched). For example, if you were issued a $1000 credit on 15 January 2017, your credit will be reduced to $800 starting 15Jan2018 (i.e. a reduction of 20%), to $600 on 15Jan2019 (i.e. a reduction of 40%), and so on, until by 15Jan2022, it will be 0%.  

Trips can be general scheduled trips, private group trips, or Outfitting Service trips.  When you wish to apply credit to a trip, your credit can be applied as a deposit, but it will be the full amount of the credit even if your credit exceeds the deposit required (and if your credit is short of the deposit amount required, you will need to provide the difference to make up the deposit).  If you subsequently cancel this second-scheduled trip, you will lose the entire amount of your credit (i.e., your full credit is applied as a non-refundable deposit) as well as any additional deposit amount you provided.