The purpose of SierraRios:

  1. To educate the public about river systems.
  2. To study and document the geographical characteristics of each river.
  3. To preserve the cultural lifestyles associated with free-flowing rivers.
  4. To increase appreciation of beautiful rivers by promoting recreational use.
  5. To help protect rivers from human-caused degradation.

The strategy of SierraRios:

  1. Educate the public about the rivers in Latin America through publication of articles, guidebooks, and a website.
  2. Recruit visitors to the Latin Ameican rivers by offering reasonably-priced guided excursions.
  3. Explore and document all the rivers in Latin America.
  4. Provide resources/outfitting services for those exploring rivers on their own.
  5. Teach others how to run rivers in kayaks and/or rafts - particularly residents along rivers who might help guiding trips.
  6. Distribute information about planned dams and their consequences.
  7. Clean up the rivers through organized trash collection trips, educating locals about dumping garbage away from streams, and stopping illegal dumping by manufacturers.