SierraRios Social Media Advocates


Note: contribution guidelines can change at any time. A deposit with a written quoted rate locks in the rate at the time. Make a PAYMENT now.

We at SierraRios prefer to keep our rates lower by not paying as much for general advertising routes. One of the best ways to accomplish this - that benefits both the participant and us - is to offer you a lower rate on expeditions for spreading the word among your friends and family. This benefits you by prompting you to invite friends and family to join the same trip, which usually means a funner trip for you and building your relationship with them. It benefits us by getting the word out about the trip, our organization, and the conservation issues that we care about the most (protecting the rivers).

Those with a Facebook account (and >100 friends) (see below):

Those without a Facebook account (or <100 friends) (see much farther down):
If you do not use Facebook, you might still avail of parts of this offer by other verifiable means of spreading the word such as other forms of social media, sending an email to a defined list of people who might be interested (must include SierraRios representative) or posting to groups who might be interested in the topic - [discuss by email]


Facebook ($100 off):
To take advantage of the basic discount offer, you will need to have a Facebook account with at least 50 friends, and do the following (think of this like giving you some instructions as to how to best invite your friends to also join you on the trip):

(a) "friend" the specified SierraRios representative (Rocky Contos),
(b) "join" the trip page group (e.g., Amigos Del Marañón),
(c) "like" the Global Grand Canyons page,
(d) "post" on your timeline an invitation like the following (must contain link to the trip webpage):

JOIN ME ON A MARAÑÓN TRIP! I'll be paddling through the Grand Canyon of the Amazon (Río Marañón) in Peru and would like to see if anyone is interested in joining me.  Our trip will be run like an outfitted-group trip on the Colorado's Grand Canyon with lots of rafts, kayaks, beer, and good food. The trip I’m doing launches November 2 but there are other opportunities available if you can’t make this one.  See more info about it at and contact me or Rocky Contos if interested:

(e) "sign" the PETITION (MARAÑÓN) to keep the river free-flowing
(f) "post" some photos of the trip (>4) with comments and another link to the trip webpage

[Note: if you have >1000 friends, then you may be eligible for additional discounts - contact us by email]


For those without a Facebook account, you can utilize the EMAIL option: you’ll need to select 20 friends/family (who you think might be interested in either the trip or river conservation) and email an invitation to them similar to the following (including in the “bcc:” field to verify):  
(5) Post (after the trip) at least 5 photos and write a few words of what you liked about the trip and our service, again with a link to the SierraRios webpage and note about other launch dates coming up.  This must be done before the damage deposit is returned.

This type of posting by people joining trips seems to be a good way to make others aware of the river, trips and the threat to the river - and is the best way to motivate others take some action to help protect the river or do a trip.

[NOTE: those selected must not be in the group joining you on your trip, must not have done the trip previously, must not be scheduled to do the trip in the future, and should not overlap with those sent emails by others in your group - ideally you should select people who may uniquely benefit and appreciate this information]:

Hi guys,

I'm taking advantage of an opportunity to join a 2-week class III-IV rafting/kayaking trip on Río Marañón in Peru with a bunch of friends and I'd like to invite you to join, or at least help in the effort to save this river (at a minimum sign a PETITION against the dams).  The Marañon is the mainstem source of the Amazon and faces huge hydroelectric projects that threaten its future.  Our trip is outfitted by SierraRios and will be run like an experienced private group trip on the Grand Canyon (Colorado River) with lots of rafts, kayaks, beer.  The trip I’ll be doing launches November 2 but there are other opportunities available if you can’t make this one.  See more info about the river and trip at . 
 I’ll be posting some photos after our trip and can let you know how it goes if you’re interested.  Also, you can get periodic updates on the dams, future trip launches, and special deals if you’re on the SierraRios email list (send a note to Rocky Contos at to join).  We’re actually taking advantage of a special discounted rate on this trip

Contact me if interested in our trip or contact Rocky at SierraRios ( if interested in another date. 


If you prefer not to email directly to a lot of people and you are a member of paddler groups such as RRFW, GCPBA, PDX Paddlers, or other paddler news groups with >200 members, you can substitute posting to one of these message boards for 20 email address (something like that written above).