Slideshow Links

Below are links to slideshows of a few rivers in the USA and cycle touring in Europe. I have a ton more photos for dozens of other rivers that I'll be working on in the coming years.

Rogue River_2009
Main Salmon_2006
East Clear Creek
Little Colorado Gorge
North Fork American (Giant Gap)
Middle Fork Feather (Devil's Canyon)
Tour UK1: Cycling in England Tour Spain 1: Madrid
Tour UK2: Wales (Bangor) Tour Spain 2: PaisVasco&Navarra
Tour France 1: Paris Tour Spain 3: Aragon
Tour France 2: Orleans to Souillac Tour Spain 4: Catalonia
Tour France 3: Dordogne kayaking Tour Spain 5: Barcelona
Tour France 4: Toulouse to Barcelona Tour Italy 1: Rome
Tour Italy 2: Tuscany Cycling
A (manipulation answer) Tour Italy 3: Isola D'Elba Sea Kayaking
Tour Italy 4: Pisa, Florence, Venice