Book to be available winter 2013!!
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I am in the midst of writing a book about my Amazon descent, with expected completion winter 2013. If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy at a discount ($20 + S/H), please send an email to me (Rocky) at:

If you would like to preview the book and write a review, I may send you a copy for free. Contact me for details.

Note: The Outside magazine article "Fastest to the Atlantic Wins" in the Jan2013 issue was based on a preview of the book, but had some inaccuracies printed. Corrections appear in the online "Comments".

Also, note a more accurate account by Tom Diegel here.


I am the only person in the world who has paddled each of the main headwater streams of the Amazon, and a river guide myself, so I would like to offer my services to anyone interested in descending the entire Amazon from any of its sources. This can be down the Apurimac, Marañon, Urubamba, or Mantaro.

My services will provide logistics, maps, equipment (rafts/kayaks/etc), guiding, and arranging all accommodations during the 4-6 weeks of descent down from source to the end of the Andes. I will guide you on on the water as much as is possible in kayak or raft, but some sections such as near the source must be hiked.